First Post (Where to start?)

I have decided that blogging is going to be my new best friend. I have been trying many new things recently and I tried the whole journal/dairy entry thing and needless to say I felt like I never knew what to write. I knew that my day was crappy so why did I need to write it down in a notebook for me to reflect on the following month? I had to find something else.

I started a small blog idea through Facebook and I actually liked it. I felt that somebody was actually listening even if nobody read my post at all. It was out there! My feelings and thoughts out there for anybody or nobody to see. What a great idea! I decided to put a little extra effort into it and BAM!!! now I have a website to collect everything. Maybe it will be for personal consumption or maybe 1 person will read my posts and be changed for life. I am ready to dive in and give it my all, so who’s with me?


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