Loyalty needs to make a comeback!!!


Where does your loyalty lie?

We are so quick to give people titles, but do we really understand what those titles mean? And in what order do they fall?

I take titles seriously! If we are friends then I expect us to uphold the true meaning of what friends are, same as if we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Time puts a damper on titles though, because it leaves room for error, mistakes, and faults. If you are friends with somebody for 10 years and they do something that might hurt you or your feelings, do you immediately give them a new TITLE?

First, and foremost, your loyalty needs to be with yourself!!! Second, figure out what loyalty from others truly means to you. Last, live out, and expect this loyalty in your daily life.

Change is possible starting with figuring out what things mean to you. If you hold it to the highest power, people will start to follow!!!




2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. And the thing is you’re correct 💯 how can you trip off loyalty from others when you can be loyal to yourself. 🧐 the part I’m working on ..THANKS FOR THIS 💪🏾

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