Sometimes I catch myself in these daydreams, that are so vivid and so real. Does anybody else have these thoughts, that possess our mind and play out like movie scenes?


I think daydreaming is a healthy way of imagining the bigger future, or even just the bigger picture of a current event in your life. I tend to have a little more control over these rather than my night dreams.

Are these dreams a sign of what we expect or want in our future? Or are they just extravagant thoughts we just put in our mind for our own temporary entertainment?


2 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. I do the most daydreaming when I’m under a lot of stress and I daydream about totally false scenarios that I have total control over. I feel like it’s a way of coping with not having control of a situation and so you create a story that you have total control over
    Lovely post!

  2. Thank you for bringing this up.
    For me daydreaming has always been a creative process and a kind of escaping from the real world, too. I have made up alternate realities in my daydreams many times, some possible, some not, some were just short scenes from the future, in some I imagined a whole new past. Still, all were very detailed and vivid.
    For me they don’t have to be idealized versions of my life, but I think its important to have the feeling of control. I think, apart from being entertaining, it has a lot to do with reducing stress.
    If I like a particular scene or dialogue from my daydreams I often create a new text from it. Would be interesting if other creative people work in the same way …
    Cheers Cathryn

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