Start Over

Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit the end of my current path. Should I choose a new one? Should I stay on my current path and wait for a change?

Have you ever been stuck in that 50/50 and you don’t know what to choose? The new paths aren’t visual yet because they haven’t been taken. You have no idea what is to come on this new path.

The path you are on is somewhat clear. You know what’s happening and possibly what can or will happen.

If you don’t like your current path, what keeps us on it? What prevents us from just starting over?




One thought on “Start Over

  1. Something to think about. If you are not feeling completely dedicated to the path you are on, it may be time to extend yourself onto a different path. Making a change and taking a chance might be just what you need and be what you are meant to do to become what you need to be.

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