Needing a Sign

I think we all rely too often on the phrase, “JUST GIVE ME A SIGN”!!!


How many of us receive those signs and have no idea what they mean, or even realize that they are signs?

I sometimes try to create my own signs. I reflect deeply on something that has happened or how I feel towards a person and then decide what that feeling means to me.

“Needing a sign” I believe comes from within. It’s not just a want, it’s an internal need in a slightly desperate emotional state. Deep reflection may possibly be the “sign” we need.

Try to find your own “sign” and reflect on it. What does this “sign” mean for you?


One thought on “Needing a Sign

  1. So true. Often the “sign” is right there in front of us the whole time, we just need some encouragement to look up from our feet and see it. And sometimes a sign can be such a simple thing… this Just happened to me minutes ago after reading a post by fellow blogger “Thought for Change” where they posted a quote that helped to reenforce a notion I was having about how to resolve an ongoing conflict in my life…

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