Website or App?

What is your personal preference? Are you more likely to check a website or download an app?

I constantly download apps and it seems like some of them I never use.

If my website were to be converted to an app would you actually download it and still check the posts?

Curious mind. Late night thoughts.


Strength vs. Weakness

I have always wondered why the phrase, “My strengths are my weakness”, existed. I personally think this phrase can be worded both ways because my weaknesses are sometimes my strengths.

I am a very caring and giving person, sometimes too much. I often hear that this is a weakness of mine. Is it though? Is it weak to have a big heart, to be empathetic, or to care? Or is it a strength of mine that I might need to master?

Our weaknesses are our strengths, own them, and master them. I think the only weakness someone could truly have is giving up, to not live, learn, or take advantage of the opportunities given, to not strive to be the best you can be.


Since I have started blogging it has definitely been a journey. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about blogs, to creating my own and actually getting feedback. I appreciate everybody that has followed and I hope to continue to grow my fan base. Please subscribe or join my facebook fan page that I have now linked to the bottom of the page. Here is the link as well:

Create Your Own Happiness

As we all know happiness doesn’t grow on trees, or get delivered in a package to your doorstep. We all want it, but do we truly understand where happiness comes from or how to achieve it?


We do things and expect people to make us happy, but I think it is only temporary. In these instances, I feel that we need to create our own happiness, rather than waiting for someone or something to bring it to us.


Do things for yourself that make you feel good! Find the joy in doing something you love!