Website or App?

What is your personal preference? Are you more likely to check a website or download an app?

I constantly download apps and it seems like some of them I never use.

If my website were to be converted to an app would you actually download it and still check the posts?

Curious mind. Late night thoughts.


Start Over

Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit the end of my current path. Should I choose a new one? Should I stay on my current path and wait for a change?

Have you ever been stuck in that 50/50 and you don’t know what to choose? The new paths aren’t visual yet because they haven’t been taken. You have no idea what is to come on this new path.

The path you are on is somewhat clear. You know what’s happening and possibly what can or will happen.

If you don’t like your current path, what keeps us on it? What prevents us from just starting over?



Small Acts

Making a difference in people’s lives does not always consist of a large contribution. Sometimes even the smallest acts of kindness could make the biggest difference.

Make it a goal in the upcoming days to do something nice for someone. Whether it be a stranger or someone you know, take a few seconds to compliment them, or listen to them when they are down.

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Do you have toxic people or environments around you? How do you deal with this toxicity in your life?


I know it’s the ideal thing to remove it from your life, but we aren’t able to escape the toxicity completely. So the big question is what is the best way to deal with toxic people or environments?

Needless to say, I don’t have the answer, nor do I think there is only one answer. Somehow we all find our own way to deal, or we don’t, and we just hopefully learn from it.

As for myself, I try to limit the toxicity in my life, as well as, not contributing toxicity to others.

Limit toxicity! Love! Be strong!


Have you ever watched a person change? Was it for the better or worse?


Many people deal with change differently. If someone did change for the worse are you willing to work through that change or completely¬†cut ties with that person? If it’s changed for the better are you then going to admire that change or be jealous of their advancement?

People change all of the time, some changes are small, while others are big. We choose what we allow to change though. So these changes that occur, are they already decided rather than something that is out of our control?

Allow positive change! Avoid the negative!


Gut Feelings

Do we listen when our heart tells us something? That gut feeling that overrides your thoughts about a situation.

How many of us actually listen to that feeling or do we still let our brains do the thinking? What makes that gut feeling irrelevant to us to where we feel it can’t be trusted?

I am guilty of dismissing these feelings, but I’m starting to wonder should I actually listen. I get so caught up telling myself, “I know what I’m doing”, that maybe my body is telling me to slow down and feel that I’m on the right path.

Live! Learn! Listen!‚̧