Judging Others

Haters!!! A common term that fuels my fire.

I don’t always understand the concept of why this is a way of life, but I feel that there need to be people out there that provide the “hating”.

It’s not to take personally, because it isn’t anything you are doing wrong. In fact, they judge you or your situation because it is something they want.

Ignore their actions, but acknowledge their existence. Subconsciously thank them for recognizing that you are on the right path.



Strength vs. Weakness

I have always wondered why the phrase, “My strengths are my weakness”, existed. I personally think this phrase can be worded both ways because my weaknesses are sometimes my strengths.

I am a very caring and giving person, sometimes too much. I often hear that this is a weakness of mine. Is it though? Is it weak to have a big heart, to be empathetic, or to care? Or is it a strength of mine that I might need to master?

Our weaknesses are our strengths, own them, and master them. I think the only weakness someone could truly have is giving up, to not live, learn, or take advantage of the opportunities given, to not strive to be the best you can be.


Do you have toxic people or environments around you? How do you deal with this toxicity in your life?


I know it’s the ideal thing to remove it from your life, but we aren’t able to escape the toxicity completely. So the big question is what is the best way to deal with toxic people or environments?

Needless to say, I don’t have the answer, nor do I think there is only one answer. Somehow we all find our own way to deal, or we don’t, and we just hopefully learn from it.

As for myself, I try to limit the toxicity in my life, as well as, not contributing toxicity to others.

Limit toxicity! Love! Be strong!


Have you ever had one of those really good, deep hugs that makes you feel all fuzzy inside?

What if I told you that it benefits your health to give more hugs? As adults its something we don’t do as often, or if we do we rush through them.

Hugs are a natural stress reliever, and it’s also shown studies to lower blood pressure.

So get out there and get some more hugs!!! Stress-free, good ol’ bear hugs! You deserve a little stress reliever!

Gut Feelings

Do we listen when our heart tells us something? That gut feeling that overrides your thoughts about a situation.

How many of us actually listen to that feeling or do we still let our brains do the thinking? What makes that gut feeling irrelevant to us to where we feel it can’t be trusted?

I am guilty of dismissing these feelings, but I’m starting to wonder should I actually listen. I get so caught up telling myself, “I know what I’m doing”, that maybe my body is telling me to slow down and feel that I’m on the right path.

Live! Learn! Listen!❤


Everybody hits that time in their lives when they have that feeling of being worthless, or maybe someone made you feel worthless.

I’m here to tell you it’s not true! Everyone has worth!

That feeling is there to discourage you. The people that make you feel worthless are probably discouraged, hurt souls themselves. NEVER let someone or something define your worth.

Something as simple as making another person smile proves all the worth in the world. Peace, love, and happiness!!!