Judging Others

Haters!!! A common term that fuels my fire.

I don’t always understand the concept of why this is a way of life, but I feel that there need to be people out there that provide the “hating”.

It’s not to take personally, because it isn’t anything you are doing wrong. In fact, they judge you or your situation because it is something they want.

Ignore their actions, but acknowledge their existence. Subconsciously thank them for recognizing that you are on the right path.




You know that fake voice, smile, or conversation that you have with certain people? Why do we choose to put on this fake persona?


Is it noticeable to that other person that you are not being yourself? Do we do this because we dislike that person or because we think they will dislike us?

I am definitely guilty of using my fake voice when talking on the phone with businesses. Most of the time, I don’t even notice I am doing it.

I am going to try to make it a habit that I act more naturally around others.

Be yourself and feel empowered!!!

Just Listen

Life relies so heavily on perspective.


We are usually in tune with our own perspectives, but when it comes to others do we shut them out or do we just listen? Never dismiss another’s opinion just because you don’t agree.

I find myself listening more lately. I feel this is the best way to allow others an opportunity to open up more and feel the ability to share without judgment.