Needing a Sign

I think we all rely too often on the phrase, “JUST GIVE ME A SIGN”!!!


How many of us receive those signs and have no idea what they mean, or even realize that they are signs?

I sometimes try to create my own signs. I reflect deeply on something that has happened or how I feel towards a person and then decide what that feeling means to me.

“Needing a sign” I believe comes from within. It’s not just a want, it’s an internal need in a slightly desperate emotional state. Deep reflection may possibly be the “sign” we need.

Try to find your own “sign” and reflect on it. What does this “sign” mean for you?



As the week comes to an end we are always so ready to be done with work, school, or whatever it is that consumes our time.

Always take the time to remind yourself to rest. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of sleep, but give your mind a rest.


Watch a tv show that you have put off watching, or read a chapter of that book you have had on your nightstand. Whatever it is that provides your mind rest, set aside that time on the weekends and allow yourself to de-stress and wind down from the week.

Rest! Relax! Unwind!


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How often do we associate bullying with being a child? Does bullying really stop after high school?


Is it bullying when you go to work everyday and your boss criticizes everything you do from the day before but never speaks to your coworker?

Is it considered a bully if you endure a stressful environment with fear for standing up for yourself due to possible repercussions?

I think many people encounter bullying in the workplace and we don’t realize it. We fear to stand up for ourselves because they are in a higher position(at least they are in the workplace) and this could ultimately result in losing the job. What if you weren’t being paid though? Would you still endure the bullying from a boss if it were volunteer work?

I am one of these people! I tend to work jobs that i give my utmost effort to and in return i seem to always get that crappy boss. The one who talks down to you, or makes you feel like it’s never enough. The one who calls you out in front of a group, or shuts you out completely like you dont exist.

Sounds like a typical work environment right?

Why do we put up with it? We know our worth, what we are good at, and what we have to offer to a comoany. Why are we intimidated by bosses? Why isn’t that mean boss considered just as bad as “Jimmy” on the playground that pushes all the smaller kids?

Why do we continue to let “Jimmy” push us?