As the week comes to an end we are always so ready to be done with work, school, or whatever it is that consumes our time.

Always take the time to remind yourself to rest. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of sleep, but give your mind a rest.


Watch a tv show that you have put off watching, or read a chapter of that book you have had on your nightstand. Whatever it is that provides your mind rest, set aside that time on the weekends and allow yourself to de-stress and wind down from the week.

Rest! Relax! Unwind!



Have you ever had one of those really good, deep hugs that makes you feel all fuzzy inside?

What if I told you that it benefits your health to give more hugs? As adults its something we don’t do as often, or if we do we rush through them.

Hugs are a natural stress reliever, and it’s also shown studies to lower blood pressure.

So get out there and get some more hugs!!! Stress-free, good ol’ bear hugs! You deserve a little stress reliever!