Missing My Outlet

It has been a very bittersweet couple of months. I quit my job, for a new job opportunity that didn’t end up working out. I then went unemployed for a few weeks searching for a new job tirelessly. I got a new job that wasn’t quite what I was looking for but it has been a great opportunity and much better than the last “new job”. It’s such a new schedule and much longer days. I’ve really had to adjust a lot that I was used to doing.

Through all of this, one thing I have thoroughly missed has been my blog. It was such an outlet for me and I can really notice the difference between being able to get my opinions and feelings off my chest in such an open way.

It’s funny that we go through different phases of our life and one minute we have time for a lot of things and the next we barely have time to sit down.

Well come on LIFE I’m ready for you!!!




As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have made any posts. Well, I have started a new job and I’m working crazy hours. It has been quite the ride. I’ve learned so much and still have so much to go. I’ve been running on little to no sleep and have had no time for any extras.

I know many people can relate. So how do we overcome this exhaustion? How do we balance personal and work life? How do we prevent that burnout we get when we have taken on too much?



Sometimes I catch myself in these daydreams, that are so vivid and so real. Does anybody else have these thoughts, that possess our mind and play out like movie scenes?


I think daydreaming is a healthy way of imagining the bigger future, or even just the bigger picture of a current event in your life. I tend to have a little more control over these rather than my night dreams.

Are these dreams a sign of what we expect or want in our future? Or are they just extravagant thoughts we just put in our mind for our own temporary entertainment?

Don’t Lose Focus

It’s so easy to lose focus on your plans and goals. What is the best way you keep on track?

I lose track often, especially when i let certain emotions get involved. Sometimes i have to try to suppress my emotions in order to stay focused on my bigger goals.

Certain situations and people also tend to throw off your focus. Try to steer clear and remain on task.

Goals! Focus! Succeed!



Put In The Work

Have you ever found something that you are really good at or enjoy doing?


Focus on that skill or activity and put in the work!

For example, I created this blog with hopes of reaching a few people and to be able to get my thoughts out there. It has turned into something I have thoroughly¬†enjoyed, and I find myself to be pretty good at. The phrase, ” hard work pays off”, is a true statement, and sometimes I think we let that way of thinking escape us.



Just Listen

Life relies so heavily on perspective.


We are usually in tune with our own perspectives, but when it comes to others do we shut them out or do we just listen? Never dismiss another’s opinion just because you don’t agree.

I find myself listening more lately. I feel this is the best way to allow others an opportunity to open up more and feel the ability to share without judgment.